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Name: Emily
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Pets and names: Ten dogs: D, Shadow, Joe, Jill, Jan, Nan, Bo, Ben, Suzie, and Spot. One cat: Ebeneezer (Ebony for short).
Top 3 favorite toys: Army of Darkness action figures, collectable card games, and just about any dollar store toy.
Top 3 video games: Devil May Cry, Animal Crossing, and Tetris.
Top 3 cartoons: Beetlejuice, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and Rocko's Modern Life.
Top 3 bands: The Damned, Leningrad Sandwich, Oingo Boingo.
Favorite colors: Black, purple, and green.
Do you like to dance? Does the pope crap in the woods? (Yes.)
What do you want for christmas? Money, so I can choose my toys! :D
Name some types of candy you like: Uhm, I like Take 5, Baby Bottle Pop, aaannnd Fun Dip.
Any major life influences? No, not really - besides lessons from Andrew Eldritch on how to be a grade A asshole.
Promote the above banner and link to it please:

HERES THE FUN PART YIPEE!! I say a word, you say what pops into your head! okie dokie?! OKIE DOKIE!! heheheh.

Miranda: Rights.
Birdy: Finger.
Slinky: Steps.
Playdoh: Paint stripper.
Sheepy: Baah.
Naptime: Soft.
Dinosaur: RAWR.
Platypus: Duckbill.
Mammal: Your mom.
Scrat: ch?
Suit: Stiff.
Tacobell: Yummy.

And last but not least, post a picture of yourself.. SMILING PLEASE!!! I like smiles!
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