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I have landed.

Fill out the following application:
Age: 16
Sex: Yes, please! (Said in that cheesy way)
Pets and names: Fat Cat named Whiskers
Top 3 favorite toys: RoboSapian, Play-Doh, Trolls!
Top 3 video games: GTA Vice City, Tekken 2, Dark Stone
Top 3 cartoons: Dexter's Laboratory, The Fairly Oddparents, Pokemon
Top 3 bands: Panic! at the Disco, Elefant, Fear Factory
Favorite colors: Carnation Pink and Purple
Do you like to dance? Stupidly.
What do you want for christmas? Bad Santa!
Name some types of candy you like: Fun Dip, Nerds, Skittles, Reeses Pieces, You know, the whole damn snack machine.
Any major life influences? Ugly people make me feel better about myself. Does that count?
Promote the above banner and link to it please: I'll do it later.

HERES THE FUN PART YIPEE!! I say a word, you say what pops into your head! okie dokie?! OKIE DOKIE!! heheheh.

miranda: Sombrero
birdy: Balloon
slinky: Springs
playdoh: Penis
sheepy: Rape
naptime: Blanky
dinosaur: Face
platypus: Stuffed
mammal: Polarbear
scrat: Musk
bunny: Wallace
suit: Yellow
tacobell: Mexicans

and last but not least, post a picture of yourself.. SMILING PLEASE!!! I like smiles!

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The end.
I did all of this for you, Spenser. Love me.
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