Spensi Wensi (skittle_earz) wrote in hop_pop_plop,
Spensi Wensi

Name: Spenser!
Age: 16
Sex: female.
Pets and names: 2 cats: Fifi, Kitten (Beast) 1 fish: Shubbie
Top 3 favorite toys: Pokemon cards! My magic tricks, and my ps2!
Top 3 video games: Grand Theft Auto, Tombraider, Spyro!
Top 3 cartoons: Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, Family Guy!
Top 3 bands: Dead Kennedys, Grateful Dead, The Beatles!
Favorite colors: Red, black, white, grey, Cerulean (thats a crayon)
Do you like to dance? HELLLS MUTHA FUGGIN YEAH!
What do you want for christmas? A punching bag!
Name some types of candy you like: Uhm. Gum! Chocolate, and pez!
Any major life influences? Uhhhhhh. Not really.
Promote the above banner and link to it please: I made this community, so I dont have to!

HERES THE FUN PART YIPEE!! I say a word, you say what pops into your head! okie dokie?! OKIE DOKIE!! heheheh.

miranda: purple bird of paradise.
birdy: parrot!
slinky: tangle.
playdoh: FUN!
sheepy: baaahh.
naptime: I want one.
dinosaur: Grr! I eat mammals rawr!!
platypus: hodgepodge of parts.
scrat: Is kick ass!!!!
bunny: Hippityhop!
suit: I like tuxes myself...
tacobell: Where?!?!

and last but not least, post a picture of yourself.. SMILING PLEASE!!! I like smiles!
Ermm. OKIES! Image hosting by Photobucket
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